Feldaern Jathlet was a member of the Jathlet merchant family in Delzimmer circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR. Feldaern was one of the "forest of uncles" in the Jathlet clan—either a brother to Jolthur, the patriarch of the family until his unfortunate demise, one of Jolthur's uncles, or one of his first cousins.[note 1] He was a taciturn man that pursued his own interests around the region, occasionally touching base in Delzimmer for a few days before traveling to some other business opportunity (legitimate or otherwise). When in town, he (and all the other uncles) exerted what influence he could on Elsraea Jathlet, hoping to guide the family business in the most favorable direction as he saw it.[1][2]



  1. There were at least two dozen male relatives that were uncles or great uncles to the youngest generation of Jathlets.

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