Felgolos was a very imprudent bronze dragon.[1]


Felgolos wandered all Northwest Faerûn, always crashing into things, causing mayhem, and appearing in the midst of draconic battles, clashes of armies, archmages' spell-duels, and other spectacular events.

However he always survived all this dangers.

Sometimes bored he paired with some archmages like the Seven Sisters or Elminster Aumar and Malchor Harpell.[1]


Felgolos had sleek build, unshakable curiosity, and unfailing good nature.

He refused to make enemies or to be prudent, and he likes wandering Faerûn, intruding on the territories of other dragons and venturing into situations of great peril.

His training with his parents gave him a carefree self-reliance about hoards, a very great knowledge about common life in Faerûn and a mastery of magic far beyond his age.

He never lied to others, only hid informations if he believed was better.[1]


Felgolos was born from a pair of bronze dragon planewalkers, masters of magical Art that taught him to to experiment, to observe, and to play with magic.

After his parents left Toril to wander the Planes they left Felgolos to the care of the archmage Thongameir "Stormspells" Halargoth of Halruaa. Thongameir was a kindly old collector of rare plants and mosses and together the wizard and the dragon lived many adventures in South Faerûn searching plants. At one point Thongamair magically altered Felgolos in order to made certain spells working upon his draconic steed.[1]

In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR Felgolos paid a visit to cloud giant Countess Sansuri on her flying castle but instead Sansuri imprisoned him in order to extract from him information to locate one of the ancient Ostorian markets. Felgolos in truth knew nothing about what Sansuri searched.[4]

He was chained in Lyn Armaal's dungeon.[2]


Felgolos had good dealings with Elminster, the Seven Sisters, Malchor Harpell and the monks of Candlekeep.[1]




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