Feljack was an adventurer of the Vast in the mid–14th century DR


With treasure won from adventuring, Feljack built a mansion called Feljack's Hall in the Tweenwalls area of Kurth, sometime around 1347 DR.

A sudden fire destroyed it one night, circa 1357 DR. Feljack was not found and was thought dead. Shortly after, as scavengers picked through the smoking wreckage for valuables, a giant skeleton armed with a magical black sword emerged from the ashes to slaughter them. A wizard identified the black sword as a shadow blade. The skeleton was presumed to be guarding some treasure, but the few who dared return to the ruins to investigate were often found cut to pieces on the road outside. The ruins of Feljack's Hall were wisely abandoned.

However, after 1367 DR, on moonlit nights, human skeletons carrying swords were observed roaming the mound and poking around the rubble of the Hall, their presence and purpose unexplained. Feljack's supposed treasure went undiscovered by 1370 DR.[1][2]




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