Felodar Aumar was one of the Warring Princes of Athalantar and the most successful after his brother Belaur Aumar.[1]


Felodar never loved his country or his family, his only interest was amassing wealth. Soon, he established a base in Calimshan. Once there, he fostered trade between Calimshan and Athalantar, and between the Realm of the Stag and everywhere else, pleasing his father very much. However, Felodar also involved himself in all kind of criminal dealings.

He became so powerful in Calimshan that he decided to send his own group of mages, dubbed the Night Mages, to confront the magelords who followed his brother Belaur Aumar, but with no success.[1]

Felodar remained a threat to Belaur's rule for nuch of the time the eldest prince sat on the Stag Throne but at last he was poisoned by a Calishite rival in late 239 DR.[citation needed]




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