Fenn was a young man of Waterdeep who was Kyriani Agrivar's current beau in the summer of the Year of the Prince, 1358 DR.

Fenn was with Kyriani on the hottest day of summer, 1358 DR, in the Selûne's Smile tavern as Vajra Valmeyjar arm-wrestled Timoth Eyesbright while Onyx the Invincible collected bets. Fenn asked Kyriani which one to bet on, but Kyriani suggested he try his arm on the winner. But at that point, Aviss and Fellandar were released from their extra-dimensional prison to wreak a path of destruction in the city, and Kyriani and Onyx pursued and fought them. When all was done, Fell was impressed with Kyriani's prowess.


Fenn had blond hair tied in a ponytail, and wore a mauve open vest open and hot-pink breeches.[1]


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