Ferrodraco was a genus of prehistoric proto-dragons.[1]


Scholars from Candlekeep believed that ferrodracos were an evolved and more intelligent species of the Ignidraco genus. It was theorized that, unlike the ferocious inficedracos, Ferrodraco species favored an intellectual and more social behavior, developing a level of intelligence superior to that of the inficedracos.[1] Ferrodracos continued to undergo a series of rapid evolution process until they eventually evolved into the true metallic dragon species[1] some time around -10000 DR.[2]

Supporters of the proto-dragon theory believed that metallic dragons mentioned in historical documents written before that period of time, such as the Parwiccan Cycle and other similar documents, were in fact members of the Ferrodraco genus.[2] Due to the lack of evidence to prove such claims, however, that theory not only wasn't popular enough among scholarly circles and reputed sages but also often ridiculed—along with their supporters.[3]



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