The feytouched are warlocks bound to pacts with powerful archfey, who have absorbed so much of the Feywild’s power so quickly as to have gone literally mad. However, the madness is only temporary for most who successfully take on the path, who learn to control their sanity, almost as if insanity itself were another weapon. With the power of the Feywild itself at their command, feytouched are not hindered by their temporary bouts of insanity. More the case, they are aided by it.[1]


The feytouched gain several abilities from their newfound perspective. Initially, these new abilities simply make the feytouched more deadly, causing their spells to be cast with an uncanny degree of accuracy. Another consequence of a feytouched’s increased power is that their act of teleporting causes genuine harm to those nearby, acting as much as an attack as a mode of transportation. With further experience, however, feytouched gain yet more power from the favor of their fey patron, which enables feytouched to take on a number of benign effects, from teleporting across the battlefield to throwing off debilitating effects, or from increasing their speed to enhancing the lethality of their warlock’s curse. [1]

Feytouched invocations often evoke the power of the fey themselves, imitating the charming and mysterious ways of noble eladrin and other archfey. Will of the Feywild, for instance, allows a feytouched to take momentary control of a target of their choosing, charming them with arcane power. Similarly, twilight teleport enhances the already considerable teleportation skills of feytouched, either moving themselves or another creature to the spot of a fallen foe under the effects of the feytouched’s curse. [1]


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