Fflarast Blackriver was a Zhentilar soldier.[1]


Fflarast was one of the soldiers of the contingent led by Swordlord Amglar.

On Flamerule 17 of 1358 DR, he was sent together with Baeremuth Asanter to find a secret route to enter Mistledale. However, Baeremuth was killed by a trap that caused a landslip . He went back to report to his superior Pelaeron about the possibility of traps but another trap destroyed the command post, killing Pelaeron.

Fflarast survived and found a large cave system. Soon ore Zhentilar soldiers and the Zhentarim high wizard Nentor Thuldoum arrived to explore the area. However, once again, a trap killed them all and only Fflarast survived, while Nentor teleported himself away.

At last, during the main battle between the Zhent army and the defenders of Mistledale, Fflarast died killing an old Harper.[1]




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