A fiend was an evil creature from one of the Fiendish Planes. They are not just evil, but born of Evil; primal malevolence is one of the roots of their nature, and the evil essence of the fiendish planes permeates every part of their bodies.[1]

Types of FiendsEdit


Main article: Demons

Demons were chaotic evil fiends, native to the Abyss. Tanar'ri were the dominant species of demon, but there were a number of others.[2]


Main article: Devils

Devils were lawful evil in alignment and hailed from the Nine Hells of Baator. The baatezu were the dominant species.[3]


Main article: Yugoloth

Also known as daemons,[4] yugoloths were neutral evil in alignment and inhabited the Blood Rift.[3]


Main article: Demodand

Also known as gehreleths, demodands were said to have been fashioned by one of the primal creations of Evil, exiled because of their chaotic taint.[5] They dwelt in the Supreme Throne.[3]


The tanar'ri and the baatezu held an eternal enmity for one another as they waged the Blood War.[3]


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