Fihelis was a half-elf of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Fihelis was a citizen of Neverwinter, whose daughter died during the Neverwinter plague. He began working with the Watch as a spy in Smuggler's warehouse, to uncover Moire's plans.[1]


If the Kalach-Cha and the companions sided with the Watch, they needed to rescue Fihelis, who was being interrogated by Moire. Once done, the Kalach-Cha could threaten him for a reward, then bring him to Brelaina.

If the Kalach-Cha and the compaions sided with the thieves, they needed to kill Fihelis. They could also kill the watchmen on the first floor for Moire or leave them alive for Axle.



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