Filani of Tantras was a female human wizard and sage from the city of Tantras in the Vast who settled in Tilverton in Cormyr.[1][2][3]


Hailing from the city of Tantras in the Vast, Filani made her home in Tilverton before 1358 DR. Filani of Tantras, as she was known, became one of the two most notable mages in the town, and was well respected there.[1][2][3]

She still lived there through 1367 DR,[2] and by 1369 DR.[3]


Filani was a sage, specializing in the history and political affairs of the lands around the Dragonreach (which included her home city of Tantras) and the Moonsea North. However, she was no scholar; rather, she was a businesswoman, dealing in information.[1][2][3] Such information was reliable and came at a reasonable cost, though Filani's insight depended on the amount offered.[2][3] She did not trade in scrolls, magical items, or spellcasting services.[1][2]

Filani could often be found in Tilverton's marketplaces and inns, speaking with caravan folk to learn news and local goings-on. In exchange, she bought them drinks and meals, and she had many regular sources who knew they could get a free feed while in town. This kept her well in touch with local affairs.[3]


She was dignified and uninterested in adventure or battle like other mages. She preferred instead to conduct her business in a calm fashion and spend her time in comfort. Filani was an excellent judge of character and could keep track of a lot of small details, so she could almost always accurately predict events that occurred in the area.[3]


Filani was tall and heavily built, more like a mighty warrior, but she always remained graceful and dignified. She habitually wore voluminous and magnificent embroidered gowns.[3]


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