Filarion Filvendorson was a grandson of Elorfindar Floshin in Daggerford around 1370 DR[2] and 1485 DR.[1]


Filarion was the son of Filvendor Floshin. He trained as a thief but had a good reputation. Many in 1370 believed him the master of the local thieves' guild.[2] He disappeared from the town for many years in search of his missing father, resurfacing only around 1445 DR at Elorfindar Floshin's death hoping for an inheritance but the sole heir was Darfin Floshin.[1] He lived training guards and militiamen.[1]



  1. An inconsistency is present within Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, referring to Filarion and his half-brother Kelson as a "Wood (Moon) elf" and "Half-Wood (Moon) elf" respectively. Until further elaborated upon by Wizards of the Coast, this should be considered a mistake as both of Filarion's grandparents and his father are explicitly identified as Sun Elves in all older sources, while his mother was referred to as a Moon Elf.


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