The Final Chord was a holy slayer organization in Zakhara dedicated to the teachings of Bala, the Zakharan goddess of music.[1]

The symbol of the Final Chord was a silver jambiya adorned with silver bells.[1]



A deadly and determined member of the Final Chord.

The Final Chord avoided unwanted attention by keeping an extremely low profile.[1]

Targets for their assassinations included supporters of the Pantheon and members of the Storm Which Destroys.[1]


Followers of Bala were persecuted by the Pantheist League for centuries. Because of this, representatives of the Pantheist League became important targets for the holy slayers of the Final Chord, particularly within the city of Mahabba.[1]


A rumor existed that members of the Final Chord were trained deep within the Grey Jungle.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

Though they lacked a specific base, members of the Final Chord were found throughout the Cities of the Pantheon as well as the Ruined Kingdoms.[1]



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