The Fire Knives were a band of assassins that operated out of the city of Westgate, under the approval of the thieves guild known as the Night Masks. The group was led by Lord Tagreth Cormaeril, also referred to as the Grandfather of Assassins. Agents of the guild operated within all the major cities in Cormyr, as well as Chessenta, the Dalelands and Sembia. They were particularly dangerous because of their ability to blend in with high society along with their eagerness to accept almost any job, if only to hone their skills.[3]


The Fire Knives organisation was founded in 932 DR, at which time it was a loose band of rogues active in the south of Cormyr.[1]

After Cormyr reclaimed Marsember in 1227 DR, the Fire Knives were blamed for the deaths of King Dhalmass Obarskyr and his wife, Jhalass, at which time they were exiled from Cormyr. Over the next century, the organisation reassembled in the border regions of Cormyr such as Daerlun, Elversult, Tilverton and Westgate, and unexplained killings continued, chiefly amongst the noble and royal houses of Cormyr.[1]

The Fire Knives were driven from Cormyr in 1341 DR when it was discovered they were involved with the assassination of a local lord and the death of a scullery maid.[4] Forced to flee with only what they could carry, many of the remaining members that once operated in Cormyr still possessed some heirlooms from the realm. After this routing it was revealed that many of the members in the guild were members of the Bleth and Cormaeril families. They re-founded the organization at its base of operations in Castle Cormaeril in 1357 DR.[3]


Most agents of the Fire Knives were born into nobility and thus were well versed in diplomacy, disguise and other hallmarks of high society.[3]


The assassins of the Fire Knives guild tended to coat their weapons in the poison of giant wasps prior to executing a target. They were not above poisoning food.[3]



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