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Fire shield, also known as Dragonflame mantle during the Spellplague, was an evocation spell used to immolate the caster in protective and offensive flames.[9][5][4][10]


When fire shield was cast, it enveloped the caster in a fiery shield that made it more difficult for enemies to attack the caster and burned any who came in contact.[9][5][4][10]

During the Spellplague, fire shield was called dragonflame mantle and was used by sorcerers. The spell was somewhat difficult to cast and required a short rest of a few minutes or more before it could be cast again.[3]

Pre- and post-Second Sundering, it was used by wizards as well as sorcerers and could call flames of hot or cold. It was also considered more powerful and not only protected the caster from attacks, but made them temporarily immune. There was an added versatility as well, as the flames protecting the caster could either be scorching hot or freezing cold when it contacted with an attacker's flesh. It gave off light by the flames, reaching up to 10 ft (3 m) with half the illumination of a torch. The older versions also had shorter reach.[9][5][4][10]


Phosphorus was sometimes used as a component for the warm shield while a live firefly, glow worm, or the tail portions of four dead glow worms were used for the chill shield.[9][5][4][10]


The wizard Parwyyd Hanifar employed a fire shield with a contingency spell to protect himself against sudden attack, even whilst distracted or deep in thought, such as when Onyx the Invincible rushed at him in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR and was suddenly met with flames.[11]


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