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TSR9333 (FMA1)
Fires of Zatal
Basic Information
Author(s) Jeff Grubb and Tim Beach
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Adventure
Binding Paperback
Released September 1991
Pages 64, plus fold-out map
ISBN 10 1-5607-6139-3
ISBN 13 978-1560761396
Series FMA series
Preceded by none
Followed by Endless Armies

Source: product listing
On the Night of Wailing, when the creatures of Viperhand come to life, when the great Maztican gods Qotal and Zaltec battled, the great Cloak of One Plume - a magical item of great power and a token of great authority - was believed lost forever.

Such was not the case.

Rumors fly that the Cloak was rescued that night, and hidden away in a safe location. Now a petty noble of New Amn plans to recover it, and is looking for brave young souls who can bring it back to him. But other players are invovled in the chase, trying to recover the lost Cloak.

Fires of Zatal spans the great continent of Maztica from the new colony of Helmsport to the Valley of Nexal, at the foot of Mt. Zatal itself. It is the first adventure for the new Maztica campaign setting in the Realms; DMs wishing to run this need the Maztica Campaign Boxed Set. This module serves as an introduction to this new world of adventure, a land of wise and savage empires and growing, monstrous threats.

Welcome to Maztica. This is not the Realms you're familiar with!

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This adventure is available at Wizards of the Coast for free download here.

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