Firetrees was a small town located in the Greenfields of Unther, East Faerûn, as of 1357 DR.[1]


The town was named after its red-colored trees, that shone in the night with unnatural phosphorescence.[1]

Firetrees was known for its feasts and festivals, and for being one of the most important centers were the cult of Tiamat had most influence than the cult of Gilgeam.[1]


As of 1357 DR, Firetrees was ruled by Lord Tukulti, a wizard loyal to Gilgeam. However, most people ignored his edicts or openly insulted him.[1]


Firetrees was a farming community and a popular stop for trading caravans.[1]


Firetrees was destroyed alongside the rest of Unther during the Spellplague.[2]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Lord Tukulti, ruler of Firetrees in 1357 DR.[1]
  • Tiglath, a high priestess of Tiamat in Unther in the second half of the 14th century DR.[3][4]



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