Firkraag, also known as Lord Jierdan Firkraag, was a red dragon living in the Windspear Hills in Amn and masquerading as a human noble. He took over the area after financially ruining the rightful owner of the lands, Garren Windspear, and made his lair in an old temple/tomb complex nearby. Firkraag surrounded himself with such minions as orcs, hobgoblins, ogrillons, wolfweres and golems. Another notable follower of the dragon was Tazok, previously a minion of Sarevok.

Having been in the past wounded by Gorion and "his Harper friends," Firkraag plotted revenge against Gorion's adopted child—the protagonist of the game - when he or she arrived in Amn. The player can meet the polymorphed "Lord Jierdan" in The Copper Coronet in Athkatla, and he will make a generous-seeming offer for them to come and help clear out the monsters infesting the lands supposedly belonging to him. If they should take the bait, however, they will find themselves attacked by apparent monsters as soon as they enter the hills - only to find after the battle that the attackers were really knights, both sides in the battle having been fooled by an illusion to think they were fighting monsters. Firkraag's plan does not end here, however, as after Garren Windspear offers to clear their names for murdering the knights, the dragon's minions kidnap his child from right in front of their noses. The player's party can then elect to go after Firkraag and his captive, fighting through his lair and finally discovering that he is actually a dragon. At that point, Firkraag says he's growing bored with his game and lets the heroes take Garren's child with them if only they can defeat his pet wizard. Firkraag himself is not particularly interested in fighting but will oblige the protagonist if they wish to attack; he's one of the strongest opponents in the game. A smart and evilly inclined character can also make a deal with him to obtain the deed to the lands from Windspear in exchange for minor magical items. If killed, however, Firkraag will leave behind not only wealth and his scales that can be used to make a powerful suit of armor, but also the Holy Avenger Carsomyr.



If one right-clicks on Firkraag, he says "oh bother," which is one of the catchphrases of Winnie the Pooh, who, like Firkraag, is voiced by Jim Cummings.