Flaergon was a follower of Ilmater who lived in Glister in Thar, in the mid–13th century DR.


Flaergon devoted his efforts to assisting and ensuring the safety of miners and caravan-workers in the frozen north of the Moonsea.

Circa 1267 DR, Althea the Abased, the leader of the House of the Broken God temple in Keltar, selected Blaermon the Blessed to take away the Tome of Torment, the holiest book of the faith, to the "wild places" of the Realms and bestow it upon the first "needy and worthy" Ilmatari he met, someone who worked or fought for the benefit of the common people and their faith, not merely for wealth and adventure. Blaermon obeyed and, in the Year of the Daystars, 1268 DR, he gave the Tome to Flaergon of Glister.

Aided by the Tome over the next three decades, Flaergon worked hard to improve the lives of travellers in the Moonsea.

He finally died of a fall in a rocky chasm near Whitehorn, in the Year of the Claw, 1299 DR. Daern of Hawksroost, one of Flaergon's most devoted companions, took the Tome of Torment back to Althea at the House of the Broken God.


Flaergon worked hard to build hostels and shelters and mark trails around Thar and the Moonsea. He also led groups of young warriors and Ilmatari priests against creatures that prayed on these routes. He worked with his hands and his wits, in addition to the magic of the Tome.


He was a tall man of ascetic habits.[1]


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