Flamebeard's Firebrandy was a fiery liquor and the signature drink from Kelvin's Comfort in Bryn Shander.[1]


A few warm shots of Firebeard's Firebrandy were advertised by Augrek Brighthelm to help in keeping the cold at bay.[1]

The liquor was in fact a cheap rotgut from Mirabar that Ogden Flamebeard, proprietor of the tavern, purchased in bulk and then relabeled and resold at a considerably higher price.[1]


Sometime after the War of the Silver Marches, the dwarven criminal Worvil Forkbeard was known to be addicted to Flamebeard's Firebrandy. Sir Baric Nylef hoped to use Worvil's cravings for it as an opportunity to catch him.[1]



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