Flameproof was an abjuration spell that granted a subject immunity to fire.[1][2]


When cast, this spell fully protected the recipient from normal fires and offered limited protection from magical ones. The recipient became completely immune to normal fire, lava, etc. Breath weapons, or other fire-related attacks, from creatures and fire-based spells did not cause as much harm to the recipient.[1]

This spell could not be combined with any other spell or magical item that granted resistance to fire.[1]

When cast upon an inanimate object, the spell made the object completely immune to all forms of fire both normal and magical.[1][2]


This spell required a bit of candle wax to cast.[1][2]


The spell was once unique to the mages of Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1] However, it was eventually propagated to Faerûn by the Halruaan mage Daltim Flamefist some time in the mid–14th century DR. He included it in his spellbook Daltim's Tome of Fire, which he lost in Tethyr in the 1360s DR. It remained a unique spell at the time.[2]



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