Flight of Remnis was a divine magic spell given to priests of Aerdrie Faenya. It called many birds of prey to the aid of the caster.[1]


This spell was similar to animal summoning I in that a maximum quota of animals could be called,[note 1] but for this spell, the caster could only make one call (as opposed to three for animal summoning I) and could not choose the species of animal to summon. All natural raptors and carnivorous birds within a one mile (1.6 kilometers) radius were subject to being summoned, but this spell brought the largest creatures first, with preference given to giant eagles and then eagles, followed by all other birds of prey from largest to smallest, until the quota was filled or there were no more candidates in the area. If giant eagles answered the call, then this spell had a quota equivalent to animal summoning II.[1][2]

The birds of prey assisted the caster by whatever means they could, for example, joining a fight, finishing a task, seeing the caster was safe, or until the caster dismissed them.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1]


Remnis was the god of the giant eagles[3][4] and an ally of Aerdrie Faenya.[5]


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  1. The quota was determined by the level of the summoning, and once the quota was filled, no more animals appeared. Generally, the size of the animal determined how much of the quota they filled, with larger animals counting more toward the quota than smaller ones.


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