A Fochlucan bandore was a masterwork magic bandore and one of the Instruments of the Bards.[3][4][2][1]


Fochlucan bandores were 3-string instruments similar to lutes.[3] It was fashioned from striated maple wood and inset with tiger's eye stones.[2]


Fochlucan bandores were superior in every way to ordinary bandores.[1] Like other Instruments of the Bards, they could only be used properly by bards, and could be dangerous if anyone else attempted to play or even carry them.[3][1]

Bards wielding a Fochlucan bandore had their charming abilities greatly amplified by their magic.[1]

Like all Instruments of the Bards, these bandores had the capability of storing spells. A bard playing a Fochlucan bandore could invoke the spells fly, invisibility, levitate, protection from evil and good, entangle, faerie fire, shillelagh and speak with animals each once a day, until the instrument recharged its magic at the next dawn.[1] However, earlier Fochlucan bandores, those found after the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, could only cast cast light, flare, mending, and message, each one a day.[3][4][2]


The first Fochlucan bandores were created by a legendary bard in the Moonshae Isles named Falataer. He used them to test and reward the students of the Fochlucan level of his bardic college,[3][4][5] which came to be regarded individually as a legendary bard college in its own right.[1][6]

Over time, other bards have copied the original design, while retaining the original name in Falataer's honor.[3][4][5]



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