Fog giants are cousins of cloud giants with surprising stealth and cunning for their size. They lack their kindred’s magical aptitude but are adept hunters with the ability to slip unseen through the mist.

A fog giant stands about 18 feet tall and is heavily muscled 8500 pounds, though not quite as strong as a cloud giant. Fog giants have milky white skin and silver hair that aids them in blending in with the mists of their homes. They favor crude leather armor, though many tribes pass down white dragonscale armor in their ruling families. They typically use huge clubs as weapons, but sword-wielding fog giants are not unheard of.

Fog giants inhabit lowland marshes and mountain valleys where thick mists gather in the morning when they launch their raids. Fog giants are semi-nomadic hunter-gathers who range over large areas, often marked by ornately carved standing-stones and trapped with rockslides and deadfalls that can be set off by a carefully thrown boulder. They share cloud giants’ ideological split between good and evil. Evil fog giants are merciless raiders no better than hill giants, while good fog giants will kindly guide travelers through their territory for a nominal fee.

They remain on good terms with their cloud giant cousins, and many tribes include one or two cloud giant emissaries from their highland fortresses as advisers or war leaders. Cloud giants are deeply respected by fog giants for their ability to magically summon fog and mist, aiding the fog giants in their hunts. Fog giants despise the degenerate marsh giants with whom they sometimes compete for territory, and even evil fog giants will seek outside aid to drive off marsh giants.

It is believed that fog giants are descended from a sect of cloud giant slaves in the ancient empire of Thassilon who attempted to throw off the chains of oppression and overthrow the empire’s tyrannous runelords. Their revolution was quashed, and the rebellious cloud giants were stripped of their magical abilities as punishment. The nascent fog giants retreated from cloud giant society in shame, though they remained in contact with their cousins and were caught up in the same civil war between the altruistic and pragmatic cloud giant factions that led to both races’ ideological split between good and evil. To this day fog giants are most common in Varisia where Thassilon once stood, especially in the lowlands of the Mindspin Mountains around Bloodsworn Vale.

A fog giant was a type of giant that could blend in very well with fog and mist. It had vision that extended into the infrared (although not infravision) that allowed it to see through fog with ease.[3] They spoke Jotunskye and Jotun.[4]



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