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The Forest Master is a special prestige class for worshipers of Silvanus. Forest Masters serve as their patron deity's mortal representation of his love and power over the ancient, uncultivated forests.[1]


Nature Sense
A Forest Master instinctually knows every form of plant he comes across in a forest, as well as to the drinkability of any water source.[1]
Forest Dominion
A Forest Master can treat plants like an evil cleric treats undead, choosing either to send them away or command them.[1]
Great Mallet
A Forest Master's blunt weapon becomes infused with power as he gains experience and strengthens his connection with Silvanus. [2]
Oak Strength
A Forest Master can slam into his enemies with great power that increases in power as he gains experience. His hair turns leafy and changes color to green when he gains this ability.[3]
A Forest Master begins changing into a sentient plant creature. He becomes immune to certain spells and effects, but is weak against fire and fire magic. [3]
Deep Roots
A Forest Master can extend roots into the ground and gain the ability to heal rapidly. He is unable to move during this process, though he can withdraw his roots at will.[3]
Forest Longevity
A Forest Master gains a greatly extended lifespan because of his connection with the forests and Silvanus.[3]
Forest Might
A Forest Master gains increased strength as well as an improvement of his own natural healing ability (not related to the Deep Roots ability).[3]


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