The Forest of Amtar was a large forest that formed the northern border of the nation of Dambrath. It comprise nearly half of the land area of Dambrath.[1]


This lush forest was extremely humid even during the night. Much of the forest was filled with beautiful mathiri trees, causing and endless struggle between the elves of the forest and the inhabitants of Dambrath.[1]

Many jungle creatures could be found within the forest including jaguars, tigers, parrots, choke creepers, rhino beetles, and even carnivorous apes.[1]


The Trunalor(or star people) were a small group of wild elves that lived in the southern center of the forest.[1]

Several groups of organized bandits plagued the eastern edge of the forest, preying on travelers of the Trader's Way.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The small logging city of Elveswatch could be found along the southeastern rim of the forest. Along the southwestern edge sat the abandoned Gate of Iron Fangs.[1]



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