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The Forgotten Realms Wiki logo is a modification of the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms logo.

The Forgotten Realms Wiki is an online wiki-based encyclopedia of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons in all its editions. It aims to provide a complete and thorough reference work of the wealth of canon and licensed information, or "Realmslore", released in the decades since the setting's creation by Ed Greenwood. It covers the canonical sourcebooks and novels and other media, as well as officially licensed but non-canonical sources such as computer and video games and so on.

What the Forgotten Realms Wiki is

With so many Realms products released over the years, and certain topics being revised in the various editions of D&D, it is often difficult to remember where to look for specific information. The hope is that this wiki will index all this information by topic, source, chronology and so on, making it easy to find in a searchable manner.

Secondarily, it aims to provide:

  • Portals for players, dungeon masters, readers, fans, and even Realms designers and authors to help them to expand their knowledge of the Forgotten Realms, to write compelling and detailed adventures, campaigns, and stories, and to discover new lands and characters.
  • Articles on real-world things that appear in the Forgotten Realms, to describe where and how they can be found in the setting, or the ways in which the Realms counterpart differs from reality.
  • Articles on core Dungeons & Dragons information only where it pertains specifically to the Forgotten Realms.
  • Real-world articles on Forgotten Realms authors, artists, and products to serve as an equally handy reference to the creators and the source material, as well as the real-world history of the setting.

Being a wiki, anyone can edit and contribute to the articles, but contributors are encouraged to act in good faith toward the Realms and the wiki, by ensuring that all of their work is correct and carefully cited to an acceptable source. It is important to note that all contributions, no matter how small, are very welcome, provided they are made in good faith.

What the Forgotten Realms Wiki is not

The wiki is not a substitute for the original source material. It can be used instead of source material where only a brief summary of a topic is required, but the wiki strives to provide references to the source material so that it's easy to know where to look for the correct information. The Forgotten Realms has been the subject of a great deal of detailed and fascinating writings over the period of its existence, and, in all cases, the reader is encouraged to discover as much as possible from official Realms products for themselves.

The wiki is not a place to submit one's own homebrew lore (casually referred to as "fanon"), campaign details, player characters, or unsupported speculation. Because its aim is to provide an accurate reference to official Realmslore, it is felt that the inclusion of non-canon material will dilute and confuse the canon information, making it less useful.

The wiki also cannot accept material copied from the sourcebooks or other works, as this is copyright infringement and illegal. Such material will be given a chance to be rewritten, or deleted.

Finally, the wiki does not accept "crunch", which covers the rules, statistics, and figures of the D&D rules in all its editions. Crunch is unnecessary for the wiki and outside its aims and capacity to deal with. Displaying crunch not in the Open Gaming License is also copyright infringement and illegal. The wiki only uses basic details of class, level, spell names, and basic item levels for comparison purposes, and descriptions of abilities and effects where necessary.


The wiki was originally started in 2005 by Drizzt but he eventually became inactive, leaving it in the hands of Hashimashadoo.

At the end of 2006, long-standing contributors Zerak-Tul and Fw190a8 were added to the administration team. SkyeNiTessine was added in 2008.

In October, 2012, BadCatMan and Darkwynters were both upgraded to administrators.

In June, 2013, Moviesign was upgraded to administrator.

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