The Fork was located where the Fork Road, the trail east from Sundabar, split to go north along the Adbar Road, toward Citadel Adbar, and east along an unnamed path toward Ascore.[2][1]


The lonely and wild spot seemed like the end of Faerûn, splitting toward the dwarfholds of the Ice Mountains, and the nameless track heading east to the ruins of Ascore. Few traveled the way, but the gnomes of Graevelwood sometimes used the road.[1]

Points of InterestEdit

  • Ghaurin's Hold was located here, but as of 1374 DR, all that remained of the keep on the surface were a few stones.[3] The mossy foundation used to be a mansion of the ancient dwarven hero, Ghaurin.[4] According to some rumors, Ghaurin's treasure laid somewhere deep in its cellars together with the restless spirit of the old dwarf.[1] (Some, like Volothamp Geddarm, associated these ruins so strongly with the Fork as to consider them one and the same.[5])
  • The Wildlands Rest was an inn built on the roadside by former adventurers Irvag the Bear and Grumbelham Goldhand. The structure looked like a fortress rather than an inn. It was very well cared for.[1]



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