Fort Agis, also known as Memnonnar Citadel, was one of the border keeps of Tethyr, collectively known as the Calimmon Garrisons.


This fort was located two miles north of Memnon on the edge of the ruins of Memnonnar.


Like most of the Calimmon Garrisons, this non-elaborate fortress was built from huge stones. Its walls were ten-to-fifteen-feet thick (3.0–4.6 meters) and 20 feet high (6.1 meters) with a deep, empty moat around them.


Due to its proximity to one of Calimshan's major cities and one of its most dangerous ruins, Fort Agis was defended with a greater complement of troops than its sister garrisons. Around 300 Tethyrian soldiers were stationed there.


As of 1370 DR, the fort was approximately 600 years old.[1]

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The four primary Calimmon Garrisons were:



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