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Fort Beluarian

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Fort Beluarian
Geographical information[1][2][3]
Type Outpost (Fort)
Size Hamlet in 1372 DR
Small town in 1479 DR
Area Chult, southwest Faerûn
Societal information[4][1][3]
Population 96 in 1367 DR
313 in 1373 DR
1,000 in 1479 DR
Allegiances Flaming Fist of Baldur's Gate
Political information[4]
Ruler Nenon in 1367 DR

Inhabitants of Fort Beluarian
Organizations in Fort Beluarian

Fort Beluarian was a trade outpost in northern Chult that was run by the Flaming Fist[4] and later belonged to the city-state of Baldur's Gate.[3]


Fort Beluarian was located on the northern tip of Chult, northeast of Port Nyanzaru and near the eastern shore of the Bay of Chult.[5]


The fort was a place of refuge for weary explorers or adventurers as a last resort, at least for a night or two.[1]


The fort was well supplied and well defended against the monsters of the jungle.[4]


Originally, the fort belonged to the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company.[4] When that group later became integrated into the government of Baldur's Gate, ownership transferred, and the outpost grew to the size of a small town.[3]

The fort was destroyed twice by native uprisings and rebuilt. In the late 15th century DR, Amn attempted to purchase the fort from Baldur's Gate.[3]


The Flaming Fist would hire out its mercenaries from the fort for the right price, provided the task was not evil. In the late 14th century DR, the outpost was home to a small assortment of rangers, wizards, clerics, and rogues and numerous fighters.[4]


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