"Fort Ilbratha" was the name given to an abandoned fort in the eastern foothills of the Troll Mountains, Amn.[1]


The fort once controlled the quickest east–west pass through the Troll Mountains. This was the only one that didn't lead into the Snakewood.[1]


The fort was built to be the northernmost defense of the 4th century realm of Valashar. However, on King Ashar Tornamn's push north in the Year of the Woeful Resurrection, 375 DR, the Calishite garrison there was left with a bare skeleton staff.[1]

Following Valashar's defeat to Cormyrean forces in the Year of the Leaping Hare, 376 DR, Prince Azoun I of Cormyr pushed on through Amn, Valashar, and Tethyr, pillaging many garrisons.[2][3][4][5] With the magical sword Ilbratha in hand, Azoun overran the few remaining defenders of this fort and razed it to the ground.[1][note 1]

The garrison's original name was lost; history recorded it as "Fort Ilbratha" after the famed sword that destroyed it.[1]


The log palisade that once ringed the fort was burned to the ground and entirely erased, but the stone foundations survived into the mid–14th century DR.[1]



  1. The chronology around the founding of Valashar, Ashar's March, the war with Cormyr, the forging of Ilbratha, and associated events is rather confused, with various sources giving no less than three different dates, twenty to forty years apart. That is, Lands of Intrigue places these events over 321336 DR; Empires of the Shining Sea and Sea of Fallen Stars choose 361376 DR. The Grand History of the Realms uses a mixture of both dating schemes and also introduces 356 DR as another key date. These errors have been attributed by author Steven E. Schend as confusion between Cormyr Reckoning and Dale Reckoning in his works, and by George Krashos as a missed editorial deadline for the fix in the Grand History, and Brian R. James says the 356 date in Grand History is an unexplained error, all as discussed here. This article adopts the agreed 361–376 DR date, which is supported by all associated lore.



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