The Fountains of Memory were a mysterious source of water that permitted one to see inside pieces of the history selected by the observer.[1]


Originally, they were a series of pools located somewhere in the Northdark. After the Spellplague, the pools were destroyed but the springs that fed the pools remained. They mingled with ordinary springs, so the waters were not as powerful as before.[2]


Originally the Fountains of Memory were a sacred place for deep gnomes, who jealously kept the secret of their location. Once in 1379 DR, it was permitted to Q'arlynd Melarn to use them, thanks to his friendship with Flinderspeld.[1]

After the Spellplague, the Fountains were altered. The shadovar managed to claim them and relocated them to their secret village for captured Chosen in the Lost Peaks.

In 1486 DR, Farideh often used it. It was presumed destroyed in the fall of the village.[2]



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