The Fourteenth Skull was the legendary "extra" skull in Skullport.[1]


Although he was similar in nature to the Skulls of Skullport, he operated independently unlike the Skulls who seemed to behave collectively. The Fourteenth Skull was rarely seen and when a person saw him it was usually discounted as a drunk's hallucinations.[1]


His true purpose in Skullport was to strengthen the mythal around Skullport known as the Mantle. He was aided by thirteen mages that he hand selected, known as the Fray.[1]


The Fourteenth Skull's background was similar to that of the other skulls. At one time he was a drow known as the Rag Mage who moved to the Netherese enclave that became Skullport and was apparently caught in the magical backlash during Karsus's Folly.[1]


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