Fredegar Rockcrusher, also known as Fret, was a dwarf sage under the charge of Alustriel in Silverymoon.[1] He was a trusted advisor to both Alustriel and her sister Dove Falconhand.[3]


Fredegar had a snow white hair and beard.[2] He dressed in the finest cloth and had an elflike musical voice.[1]

Fret was a very clean and tidy dwarf, who liked things and people around him to be clean and tidy also. While Catti-brie was in Silverymoon, Fret helped her to clean herself up.[1]

Despite his curious and awkward nature of being the most pampered and clean dwarf in all of Faerûn, he proved himself more than once in battle when his favorite vestments were dirtied by a mind flayer's brain matter after going into a fit of rage against a drow onslaught.[4]


Fret was born in Citadel Adbar, but spent many years in Silverymoon.[3]

Around 1340 DR[5], Fret was one of the members of a group alongside Dove Falconhand who hunted Drizzt Do'Urden when he first came to the surface.[1] Trouble occurred when Drizzt was wrongly accused of murdering some farmers, but Dove's party discovered a barghest, Ulgulu used his shape-changing abilities to make himself appear as a drow, and attacked the Thistledown farmstead.[6]

In 1357 DR[7], Fret aided Companions of the Hall Catti-brie in tracking down Drizzt when he returned to the Underdark on his journey to Menzoberranzan and gave her Lady Alustriel's Cat's Eye circlet.[8] Later, Fret also assisted the dwarves of Mithral Hall in their preparation and fight in the war with Menzoberranzan.[4]


Fret was a well-known scholar and proclaimed himself the "'best-loved sage' of Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon." His most influential work involved inter-species relations, particularly humanoids and demihumans and he was considered the foremost expert on this subject in all of the North and perhaps even all of Faerun. [3]



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