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Frigid darkness, is an invocation of the evocation school used by many warlocks, particularly those of the star pact. When a warlock casts frigid darkness he or she summons to a spot within fifty feet of him or herself a pool of freezing shadow. These shadows cling to any creature unfortunate enough to be within their grasp, bestowing them with a sample of the dark cold of the night sky. The shadow not only injures a warlock's foes, but distracts them and obscures their vision for a moment, giving both the warlock and his or her allies a short-lasting advantage against the victim. Those of the star pact summon shadow of such power that they are able to reduce the effectiveness of an enemy's armor, at least for a brief moment. Frigid darkness is not enormously complex and a warlock need only rest a few minutes or more before casting the spell a second time.


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