Frisky chest was an enchantment spell that enabled an object to avoid being approached by anyone other than the caster.[1]


The caster had to touch the object to cast this spell, and the object had to be movable, non-living, and fit inside a 10 ft (3 m) cube. For the duration of the spell, the object would grow feet or legs, wings, or fins (whichever would provide the best escape) whenever someone other than the caster got within 3 ft (1 m). The object would flee as fast as possible until at least 10 ft (3 m) away from the nearest creature and then, if not threatened by further encroachment, the appendages would disappear, returning the object to normal. This scenario would repeat as often as necessary until the spell ended, the object was restrained, or the object was subdued or destroyed.[1]

Restraint was possible by throwing a net or heavy blanket over the object, or by being picked up by someone strong enough to hold the object. If surrounded, the object took random paths as it was able. The object only moved in open space, it would not attempt to open or crash through doors or windows, or dig its way out. The object gained no extra toughness or combat abilities and could be destroyed by any means that would normally work on the object while restrained. Frisky chest could be dispelled at the will of the caster or by dispel magic or similar disenchantment.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the caster had to touch the object being enchanted and have a dried frog leg, a feather, and a scale from a fish on hand to cast frisky chest.[1]


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