Froghemoths were elephant-sized amphibious predators with four tentacles and three eyes. They were revered by bullywugs, who treated them as gods.[1]


If a bullywug tribe came across a froghemoth, they would attempt to lure it to their den, paying tribute in the form of food and protection. They could communicate only at a basic level, so the froghemoth usually killed and ate a number of bullywugs before they could successfully communicate their intentions.[1]

Notable froghemothsEdit

Froghemoth - comic

A froghemoth swallowing Salabak.

Froghemoths dwelt in a swamp outside Manshaka in Calimshan. In the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, lured by the fighting between Vajra Valmeyjar and Salabak, it burst out of the water and caught Salabak with its long tongue, devouring him before retreating underwater.[2]





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