Frostfell by Mark Sehestedt is the last book of The Wizards series of standalone novels. The story is continued in the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy.

Daughter of House Hiloar. War Wizard of Cormyr. Renegade.

Only fools find themselves at Winterkeep after the first snowfall. The cold alone can kill, if you live long enough, and dangers far worse haunt the ruined keep in winter.

But slavers stole her son. She would sacrifice everything to get him back. In the uncaring, frozen north, will it be enough?

Mark Sehestedt has been the curator of both the Eberron and Dragonlance worlds for nearly a decade. Here he begins his first foray into the realms.


The story involves the wizard Amira from Cormyr as she allies with two outcasts of the Vil Adanrath lythari clan and attempts to recover her son from a band of slavers in the Endless Wastes. These slavers are led by a group of ice devils[2] that have been trapped on Toril for centuries in mortal bodies. They survive by capturing and possessing humans of a specific aasimar bloodline, and need new bodies because their old ones are badly deteriorating.

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