Fual yn Senaor al Barasth was a Calishite sage and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Fual was a minor druzir in the Defenders' Drudach of Memnon, so his position did not permit him the command of many soldiers, and he let the administrative decisions be made by the qayadin. Fual thus had a lot of free time to cultivate his passion for rare and old armor and weapons. He usually traded these items with his fellow Knights and had a considerable collection. Fual acquired the golden Lion Blade, one of the two Royal Masque Blades of King Strohm IV of Tethyr and informed only Lord Alaric Hembreon and hoped to trade the sword to the Tethyrian Crown in exchange for some Shoon Imperium weapons.[1]



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