Fulgath was a male human merchant from Dagger Falls that owned Fulgath's Caravan Supplies. He was well known for both his high prices and wide range of equipment.[1]


Fulgath always appeared to be quietly chuckling to himself when customers arrived.[1]


Widely disliked among the folk of Dagger Falls, Fulgath happily over-charged any patrons who came to his shop, as he knew had a monopoly on caravan goods. Throughout his career, Fulgath had been dishonest and curt in his dealings with others.[1][3]


Ever dealing in underhand businesses, Fulgath would use whatever means he could to make more coin. He regularly charged a 200% markup on most of his goods. The merchant was the only individual in town that dealt in stolen goods and even poisons, many of which he would gladly procure from corpses.[1]


Zhent occupationEdit

During the Zhent occupation of Dagger Falls, much trade to the market square was stifled and gave Fulgath a near-monopoly on many goods. This meant Fulgath was able to easily charge over the odds for his goods and was garnering a markup of 200% by 1367 DR.[2][3]

Return of Randal MornEdit

After Randal Morn reclaimed the town in 1369 DR and the market began to prosper again, Fulgath took to stealing and even vandalizing the competition's goods from the stall-keepers. Fulgath was eventually caught by priests of Lathander and after a stern dressing down and fine by Harndarr Oryn his activities stopped.[4]

Eventually, by late 1369 DR, Fulgath was forced to relent to the growing competition of the Market and had to cut back on his selection of goods and even slightly lower his extortionate prices.[1]


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