The Furrowed Mountains, or Jibal al-Hutut, were a prominent mountain range found in North Zakhara.[1]


The Furrowed Mountains ran inland in a northeast diagonal line roughly parallel to the coast of the Great Sea, effectively separating the Free Cities of Zakhara from the harsh desert of the Haunted Lands, before terminating near the World Pillar Mountains and the Land of the Yak-Men.[1][2]


Many vital river found their origins within the Furrowed Mountains.[1]


Numerous hill tribes of unenlightened Zakharans could be found along the base of the mountains. These tribes were often the target of mamluk raiding parties from Qudra in search of fresh recruits. Because of this the hill tribes were hostile to any who entered their territory until they were able to prove they had no association with Qudra.[3]


The tribes of the Furrowed Mountains exported, sometimes unwillingly, gems and slaves to their neighbors.[4][3]

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