Gabrielle was a wizard-in-training of Bloodstone Village in 1357 DR.


Gabrielle grew up in Bloodstone Village dreaming of becoming a wizard.[2]

In 1357 DR, she joined Gareth Dragonsbane's party as she wanted to study under the party's wizard, Emelyn the Gray.[3]

In 1359 DR, Gabrielle was the apprentice of Emelyn and a member of the Twilight Riders.[1]


Gabrielle was fond of older men. She dreamed of becoming a wizard, and wanted to become an apprentice to one in order to learn. Gabrielle was chaste and shy but romantic.[2] In 1359 DR, she hoped to become Emelyn's wife.[3]


Gabrielle was the daughter of the village's bakers, Benjamin and Anna.[2] She fell in love with Emelyn.[3]



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