Gacholoths serve as the infiltrators and terrorists of the Blood War, causing havoc and spreading panic to all sides. These master betrayers have a fondness for deceit and terror that makes them well-favored by yugoloth commanders. They may spend even centuries serving and ingratiating themselves to a baatezu or tanar'ri master, serving with the utmost loyalty, all the while planning for the best moment to torture and slaughter their supposed allies. They will not be outdone by other beings with similar talents for deception, and have an intense hatred of creatures such as succubi, erinyes, and cambions.

Gacholoths also have taken an interest in the Material plane. If given the opportunity to enter the land of mortals, they will indulge in a great reign of bloodletting, using their abilities to play with their victims like toys.

Physical descriptionEdit

A gacholoth has a roughly humanoid appearance. Their bodies are ebony black, and they have four long and powerful legs, each tipped with three sharp claws to aid in climbing. Their well-muscled torsos have two arms, each ending in a hand with four fingers that are tipped with savage, retractable claws. Something about their skull structure suggests sahuagin. There may be some distant connection between the creatures, but there is little evidence available to support the theory. They're usually about 8 feet tall and weigh about 600 pounds.


Gacholoths strike swiftly and savagely, making use of their significant speed and maneuverability. They often strike before their foes can react, then immediately withdraw from combat to wait for another opportunity to ambush their opponents. Their attacks can be so sudden and fierce as to cause an irrational terror that puts their foes into a state of shock. Gacholoths do not carry weapons, feeling confident in their skill with their natural weapons.

The gacholoths’ retractable claws allow them to move rapidly on any surface, be it horizontal or vertical. They can fight equally well from any angle, even hanging upside down.

A gacholoth’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as evil-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.


The origin of the gacholoths is unknown. All of them appear to be male; no distinctly female versions have ever been sighted.




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