Gaerdal Ironhand (GAIR-dul EYE-urn-hand), was a lawful good deity of the gnome pantheon, led by the Greater deity Garl Glittergold. The sternest and most serious of gnome deities, Gaerdal was the patron of warriors and protectors of gnomish communities. As such, he was honored in some manner by nearly all good-aligned gnomes, and one or two crusaders would be found in most sizable settlements. His symbol was an iron band, usually worn on the upper left arm, and his preferred weapon was the warhammer Hammersong. He resided in The Golden Hills, inside Dothion, which was found in Bytopia (also known as the Twin Paradises).


Gaerdal's church was organized as a strict military hierarchy. Although temples of Gaerdal Ironhand were rare clerics built statues of Gaerdal at the entrance of gnomish settlements. Priests of Gaerdal prayed at dawn. Every tenth day was considered a holy day known as a Great Clang and believers would assemble to sing hymns and chants.[2]


Gaerdal Ironhand had good relations with most of the other gnomish gods with the exception of Urdlen. He disliked Baervan Wildwanderer because of his tendency to pull pranks. He was hostile toward the kobold and goblin pantheons.[2]


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