Gaius Varro was the Lord Marshal of Ravens Bluff[1] from about 1355 DR -- ?


(The "current year" for the people and events in Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City is just before the Time of Troubles, approximately 1356 -- 1357 DR.)

Gaius is 6'4" tall and 310 pounds and easily the most recognizable man in the city. His uniform is ornately decorated with medals and gold braid, he has flowing white hair, and carries a gilded mace as the symbol of his office.[1]


Gaius' loyalty and dedication to Ravens Bluff are unquestionable but he tends to be very conservative in all matters public and military. Some speculate that age and poor health have made him this way and as a result he has limited effectiveness. He usually speaks lucidly and concisely as he invariably proposes a defensive strategy. If challenged, he gets indignant and cites sources in too much detail, wearing his critics down with verbiage. He is not one to hold a grudge and will throw a banquet to make amends. To his troops he is a strict disciplinarian and intolerant of careless or slovenly soldiers.[1]


The Lord Marshal was exiled from the Dalelands by Lashan Aumersair of Scardale around 1355 DR and was hired by Lord Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane because of Varro's reputation. Although Gaius Varro had been a professional soldier for all of his adult life, he had not led an army in fifteen years at the time of his move to Ravens Bluff.[1]


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