A gal-ralan was a cold iron armband with long needles on the interior. It was worn by shadar-kai to negate the effects of their shadow curse. It did this by nailing together the shadar-kai's body and soul; however, it also caused constant pain to its wearer.[2][1]


The armband was decorated with designs that were abstract and elaborate. The needles inside were 6 inches (15.24 cm) long.[1]


A gal-ralan was forged of cold iron by a spellcaster who knew the resistance spell and the art of crafting wondrous items. A more powerful spellcaster could craft a more effective gal-ralan.[2][1]


When worn as a bracer or armband, the long needles of the gal-ralan pierced the forearm. Naturally, this caused constant pain and injury to the wearer, which could never be healed whilst it remained in place. The benefit was that it fixed the soul to the body, granting greater resistance to all effects that would harm body or mind. It was more effective against death magic, the draining of life energy, and anything that attacked one's soul. This included the shadow curse that afflicted all shadar-kai and dragged their souls back to the Shadow Plane.[2][1]


Many shadar-kai who ventured off the Shadow Plane chose to wear a gal-ralan to protect themselves from the shadow curse.[2][1]


Gal-ralans were worn by the shadar-kai involved in Despayr's plot to tear a hole in the Weave in the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR. Notable wearers were Kithguard Maurran and Kithlord Thieraven, who were stationed at the Lost Refuge in the Vast Swamp, and the boatman Sithierel, who plied the Shadow Swamp in the Plane of Shadow.[1]



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