Galeerie Mulurkrath was a wizard who lived during the 3rd century DR. He held the title of Magister from 246 DR until 249 DR.[1]


Fits of laughter and howling were known to plague Galeerie.[1]


Galeerie's skin had an unhealthy tone. Many considered him to be quite ugly.[1]


Galeerie stumbled across the title of Magister through pure blind luck when he happened upon Corthas Muhleer following his exhausting battle with Brymmyn Thorl. Galeerie easily slew Corthas with a sword he snatched from the stairs of Brymmyn's keep.[1]

Given his hideous appearance, Galeerie spent all of his arcane abilities mastering spells that granted him strength and masked his true appearance. His attraction to the opposite sex dominated his every motive. He spent most of his time pursuing any female within reach, utterly indifferent to the feelings of their significant others. One day Galeerie enraged a farmer whose wife was the center of his latest affections. The farmer struck him over the head with a shovel and killed him on the spot.[1]



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