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Gallard is the westernmost of the Border Kingdom settlements that guard the Shaar trails. Gallard is a crowded place of winding cobbled streets and gravel alleys. Its timbered houses are narrow, steep-roofed, and crowded. It is home to many skilled craftworkers including locksmiths, bootmakers, leatherworkers and smallsmiths. One of the busiest and most prosperous places in all the 'Borders', but also one of the most grasping and grubby, Gallard is full of close-guarded wealth. The settlement has earned the general dislike of other 'Borderers' for being too unfriendly and self-important in their dealings.

No grand palaces, manors, or civic buildings are found in Gallard. Business is conducted in shops or at Galardian firesword houses, establishments that named for the skewers of meat constantly cooking in the hearths situated in the centers of their dining chambers.


The closest thing Gallard has to a ruling body is the Galardian Council of Bodyguards and Trustyblades. The council led by Ulgarth Hithtor, a grizzled old warrior who runs the Risen Dragon Finest Firesword. This organization licenses every town resident who regularly bears a weapon outside in the streets. They keep the peace peace in Gallard and enforce it's laws by sending out street patrols of Watchful Helms, senior council members who anticipate traps well and laugh at attempted bribes with scornful amusement. Mercenary companies aren't allowed to operate in Gallard, while other council laws include:

"No sale of tainted or deceitful goods, no sale or possession of poison, no extortion, no attacking rivals or their goods or premises, no theft, and no murder."

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