Galvin was a druid and an agent of the Harpers.[2]


Galvin loved open spaces and was uncomfortable in urban environments. He focused only on the mission and the state of nature around him.[1]


Galvin was born in Skuld and soon lost his parents, who were two thieves condemned for their crimes. He escaped into the savage wilderness, where he learned to live. Later he joined the Harpers.

In 1362, he and his friend the centaur Wynter were instructed by Brenna Graycloak to infiltrate Thay to uncover some plots. They discovered the evil plans of the Zulkir Maligor and, thanks to the help of the lich Zulkir Szass Tam, defeated him. During that mission, Brenna came to love Galvin but knowing his dislike for her beloved cities, she said goodbye to him after the defeat of Maligor.[1]


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