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The Garden of Delights was a special domed building located in the great fortress of Sarahin.[1]


The Garden of Delights was located deep within the Haunted Lands of Zakhara in Sarahin.[1]


This large dome was constructed of black stone. The stone was an illusion conjured by Ibrihim, a deceiver genie. The illusion concealed a beautiful garden enclosed in glassteel.[1]

The entrance to the garden was located underground, accessible only through a secret passage found in the Hall of Audience.[1]

Though the garden was enhanced by further illusions cast by Ibrihim, it was a paradise to those admitted. Succulent fruit adorned the trees, wondrous animals roamed the garden, and the stream was filled with nectar.[1]

A rose-colored pavilion with pillars embedded with lapis lazuli served as a place for sleeping initiates.[1]


Initiates of the Everlasting were taken to the garden to get a taste of what awaited them after a life of devout service. Beautiful men and women called huriye waited on them, fulfilling any desire.[1]


Two mute jann guarded the entrance to the garden, protecting it from everyone except the Shadow Caliph, Batina al-Shaat, and Ibrihim.[1]

When abandoned, six giant cobras roamed the garden, attacking anyone who might intrude.[1]



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